Furies Game Recap: Final Home Game of 2017

After landing safely back in Canada from China, the Furies kept the ball rolling against Montreal and were looking to steal a couple of points from Les Canadiennes.

The Furies would only have the Sunday to satisfy their hunger for redemption, and right off the hop, Toronto and Montreal fought—literally and figuratively through all three periods. There were a total of 17 minor penalties delivered throughout the game for both teams.

Les Canadiennes players Clement-Heydra and Bettez wasted no time tailing two goals in the first minute of the game, catching the Furies off guard. Despite the early two-goal snag, the Furies slowly battled back with their own efforts. Bettez responded with her second goal of the night, putting Les Canadiennes up 3-0 as they approached the second period.

Montreal’s momentum didn’t stop there, coming out and scoring another two goals to put them up 5-0. Furies #44 Dingledein broke the goose egg for the Furies and put one away on the power play shedding some light at the end of the tunnel. But with only 10 seconds left on the clock, Montreal’s Emard scored one more, leaving the score at 6-1 as both teams headed to the locker room and prepared for the third period.

With a last minute surge, the Furies’ own Prevost would bury a beauty 5-on-5 goal to tighten the score to 6-2. Montreal would answer back again with two more goals extending the lead to 8-2 and despite Montreal being too far along to be caught, Toronto’s Emily Fulton ended the game with one more goal, making the final score 8-3.

The Furies have the opportunity to redeem themselves against Montreal once more on December 9.

3 Stars
1) Katia Clement Heydra
2) Sarah Lefort
3) Noemie Marin