Furies 2018-19 Sponsors - CWHL (Canadian Women's Hockey League)

Thank You For Your Support!

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you to the sponsors because without you something like this, the live streaming, would never get to happen.

To The Women of Winter, a huge thank you! You’ve been there for us for a long time.

To National Shunt Service, who came in last season and have been a great supporter, thank you so much.

To the Toronto Maple Leafs, who not only have provided monetary support to the league but have provided us an infrastructure that has allowed us to really grow as an organization, we say a huge thank you.

To MW Law in Toronto, you came on this season to help us with the adult recreational skates and that has been huge for us. That allows us to really connect with our community and connect with our real fans that really cheer us on so thank you for that.

To SportsCanada.tv, you can see the amazing stream that we have not only today but every single Furies home game and that has been huge so thank you for travelling across the country with us and for being at home.

To Dave Bidini, our play-by-play guy that has been with us throughout the season who basically came to me at the start of the season asking if he could do play-by-play and we are just so thankful for your generous support of your time and your effort with our team.

Furies 2018-19 Sponsors - CWHL (Canadian Women's Hockey League)

To Boston Pizza on the Queensway, thank you for your amazing food. Thank you for providing the players with post-game meals and for our fans and for our alumni as well.

To Big Rock Brewery, the games would not be the same without the beverages you provide. Thank you so much.

To BarDown, who has outfitted the team in their amazing toques and sweatshirts that make our team look professional and cohesive throughout the season, thank you.

To Trtl Neck Pillows, who came in just at the end of the season before our trip to China and provided us with some neck pillows that have been a huge asset to us and have allowed us to get some rest throughout the season, thank you.

To everybody that has continued to support our Toronto Furies, thank you so much. No matter what, we want you to attend the Clarkson Cup to go and support women’s hockey at the highest level.”

-Sami Jo Small, General Manager of the Toronto Furies